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Representative Cases


Our attorneys have a track record of successful outcomes in a wide range of cases, including the representative cases below.

The Henry Law Firm PLLC focuses on complex criminal litigation. We have represented clients in cases involving wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, tax evasion, securities fraud, healthcare fraud, theft of trade secrets, government bribery, RICO violations, computer hacking, identity theft, drug and firearm offenses, and wiretapping, among others.

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“Brad really worked hard and fought for me. If I ever have another legal matter again, I will most definitely hire Brad for my case. Anyone will benefit from Brad being on your side!”


Computer Fraud


No charges filed

A federal government employee in an investigation for computer crimes.

Wire Fraud


Deferred Prosecution

An individual charged with taking and auctioning valuable civil war documents.

Bank Fraud


Charges Dismissed

An individual charged with a complex credit card scheme.

Supreme Court Appeal


Vacated judgment

An individual in an appeal of pharmacy offenses; United States Supreme Court granted Certiorari, vacated judgment and remanded.

Securities and Exchange Commission Investigation


No charges filed

Individuals in a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into allegations of illegal trades.

Bank Fraud


Charges dismissed

A bank employee in a prosecution for bank fraud.

Government Employee Prosecution


Acquitted of substantive drug charges

A federal employee in a drug offense.

Civil forfeiture of more than $150,000 of property and money


Motion to Dismiss granted all property returned

Federal civil forfeiture of more than $150,000 of property and money.

Credit Card Fraud


Deferred prosecution

A business owner in credit card fraud.

Large Heroin Trafficking Conspiracy


Admission to the Young Adult Opportunity Program SDNY

An individual in a large heroin trafficking conspiracy.

Medicare/Medicaid Fraud



An individual in prosecution for Medicare/Medicaid fraud.

Mail Fraud



A CEO in a prosecution for mail fraud.

Violations of the Arms Export Control Act



An import/export company president in a prosecution for violations of the Arms Export Control Act.

Fraud Investigation


No charges filed

A federal employee in a fraud investigation.

Large cocaine trafficking trial


Mistrial by hung jury

An individual in a large cocaine trafficking trial.

Theft of Trade Secrets

A medical device engineer in a prosecution for theft of trade secrets.

RICO Violations

An executive of a national motorcycle club in a prosecution for RICO violations.

Bribery of an FBI Special Agent

An individual in prosecution for bribery of an FBI special agent for the sale of classified government documents.

Violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

A foreign national in a prosecution for violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for the creation and distribution of malicious software.

Fraud Investigation

A plant manager of D.O.E. contracted nuclear remediation facility in a fraud investigation.

Fraudulent activity


Felony reduced to misdemeanor no jail

An individual in a Department of Health and Human Services prosecution for fraudulent activity.

Wire fraud

A real estate executive in a prosecution for wire fraud.


An HR manager in a prosecution for embezzlement.


“It is rare to find an attorney who takes each case on and maintains the highest ethical standards. Mr. Henry showed by his actions and communication and ultimately by the results in court that he loves the law, doing what is right and fighting for the very best outcome. His respect for everyone he works with goes a long way in negotiating and he is excellent….I dare say, gifted, in winning people to his point of view which serves his clients very well. I am thankful I found him to handle my matter.”


“I would recommend Mr. Henry to absolutely anyone who is in need of an attorney. He and his staff went above and beyond and I could not have asked for better. He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable as well as caring.”


“Brad Henry is an amazing attorney. I found him online while searching for the best Attorneys in NYC, and i must say it was the best decision i made. He was was very informative, trustworthy and upfront with everything. Brad went above and beyond for me and I am extremely grateful. I pray I won’t ever need this type of assistance again, but I will definitely be referring him to friends and family.”


“Attorney Henry presented a member of my family charged in a Federal investigation, facing 10 to 20 years in prison. Having no prior exposure to legal issues of this magnitude, we felt we were in the best hands from beginning to the end of this legal ordeal. Attorney Henry clearly outlined the entire case, the worst and the best outcomes. Each step in the process was clearly explained. Information was shared in a manner that was not too overwhelming and applicable to decisions that needed to be made at each step. Court appearances were handled in the same manner, all details covered….we were ever blindsided in this entire process. The work environment was open and engaging. Attorney Henry was always available, never hesitated calling at any hour. His legal expertise won us a decision that was free from incarnation.
It was clearly a most disturbing period of time for our family and we will be forever grateful for his work in securing this outcome.”


“I am so thankful for everything!!! Mr. Bradley is a trustworthy, knowledgeable and willing to help others. He is a great man who always does his best!!! He helped us go through a tough situation and result was remarkable! Thank you. I will remember it for the rest of my life.”


“I was on Federal charges, facing years in prison. Mr.Henry got me probation. He is genuine, personable and takes his time to do the best job possible. If I ever needed a lawyer there would be no doubt in my mind, but to call Mr.Henry.”

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