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Founding member, Bradley L. Henry, attended the National Forensic College this week.  The National Forensic College is an annual invitation only college for attorneys presented by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Cardozo Law School, and the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Training Division.  The college is intended to educate attorneys on cutting edge developments in the defense of cases involving forensic evidence.

During the 6 day series of meetings and lectures, national experts presented on topics ranging from fingerprint identification to DNA and electronic surveillance.  Attorneys discussed recent developments in every aspect of forensic science, including the 2009 report from the National Academy of Sciences critiquing forensic science and the creation and upcoming release of standards for forensic science by the Organization for Scientific Area Committees (“OSAC”).  OSAC will be responsible for reviewing and issuing standards for the following areas of forensic science generally:

Biological Data & Reporting
Biological Methods
Wildlife Forensics

Chemistry/Instrumental Analysis
Fire Debris & Explosives
Geological Materials
Gunshot Residue
Materials (Trace)
Seized Drugs

Crime Scene/Death Investigation
Crime Scene Investigation
Disaster Victim Identification
Dogs & Sensors
Fire & Explosion Investigation
Medicolegal Death Investigation

Digital Evidence
Facial Identification
Speaker Recognition
Video/Imaging Technology & Analysis

Physics/Pattern Interpretation
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
Firearms & Toolmarks
Footwear & Tire
Forensic Document Examination
Friction Ridge

Attendees of the college are designated contact points for other attorneys in relation to cases involving complex forensic issues.