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The Henry Law Firm PLLC

The Henry Law Firm PLLC represents people. We are dedicated to the defense of individuals from first contact with agents through appeals. Using our four-point firm philosophy, we keep you informed every step of the way and deliver results.

Our firm is changing the rules of criminal and regulatory litigation. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, real-time client communication, custom defense team building and innovative strategy, we are re-writing the book on criminal defense.

cutting-edge technology

We believe that technology gives our clients and us the upper hand. Our firm takes advantage of the newest innovations to streamline daily activities from client engagement to trial presentation. We have custom technological solutions including litigation management tools that help us get work done quickly and focus on what really matters: our clients. This helps us create an impactful work-product, increase efficiency and reduce cost. That equals a more aggressive defense and a winning edge.

real-time client communication

Our biggest asset is our client. Despite the government’s best attempts, the only person who knows the truth is you. We use that knowledge to aggressively investigate and coordinate your defense.

For this reason, we have created multiple levels of communication for our clients. From our client portal, which offers direct messaging and secure document access, to our innovative scheduling tool and text communication, we are always in touch. In criminal litigation, knowledge is power.

custom defense team

Every case and every client is unique. Many firms use a one-size-fits-all approach, which leads to unnecessary staffing, wasted money and unsatisfactory results. We use a network of proven litigators, experts and investigators to create custom litigation teams that ensure you get the best outcome. No more overspending or underachieving.

innovative strategies

Using our experience gained in hundreds of federal criminal and white-collar cases throughout the country, we have developed individualized litigation solutions for every situation. Whether using tried-and-true defensive litigation strategies or going on the offensive, we customize our tactics to suit every case. We engage the government on our terms.

We Deliver Results

Our success is all about the details.

Whether you are facing a federal investigation, criminal charge, or asset forfeiture, The Henry Law Firm PLLC will support you every step of the way.

Brad Henry

Practice Areas

Federal Criminal Defense

We represent individuals who have been charged with or are being investigated for a full range of federal crimes nationwide.

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Criminal Appeals

Our attorneys have successfully appealed to The United States Supreme Court and other federal appellate courts throughout the country.

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White Collar Crime and Regulatory Defense

We defend public officials, executives, board members, securities brokers, traders, law enforcement personnel, and employees facing criminal charges, internal investigations and regulatory enforcement actions.

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Asset Forfeiture Litigation

We help people who face asset forfeiture including government seizure of money, property or other items.

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