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Are There Legal Defenses to Extortion/Blackmail?
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Bradley L. Henry attends National Forensic College
Rising Star, SuperLawyers, Super Lawyers
Bradley L. Henry named Mid-South Rising Star by SuperLawyers
Rising Star, SuperLawyers, Super Lawyers
Bradley L. Henry named New York Metro Rising Star by SuperLawyers
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Can Criminal Liability Exist Even if You Were “Ignorant” to Criminal Activity?
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Can I Go to Jail For Using Bitcoin?
Gun hidden in a drawer full of shirt at home
Can I Live in a Home With a Gun if I’m a Felon?
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Can I Plead the Fifth in a Company Internal Investigation?
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Career Offender 2.0
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Deferred Prosecution for Individuals
FCPA, DOJ, Individual enforcement,
Department of Justice Turns up the Heat on Enforcement Efforts Against Individual Wrongdoers
Dimaya, Beckles, Johnson, Welch, career offender, armed career criminal, vague, 18 U.S.C. 16(b), 924(c), 18 U.S.C. 924(c), firearm
Dimaya: Does Johnson Apply to the Immigration Code?
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Do I Need My Own Lawyer in an SEC Investigation?
DOJ Responds to National Commission on Forensic Science Recommendations
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FAQ: Tax Fraud Penalties
The cost of justice - gavel and money
Finding Out Whether a False Claims Act (FCA) Claim is Being Brought Against You
Henry Law Firm Founder Named AV-Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell
CSLI, cell site, historical cell site data, 4th Amendment
Historical Cell Site Data: What is it, and is it Protected by the Fourth Amendment?
edgar hoover fbi building in Washington DC
How Speaking With Federal Agents Can Send You to Prison
prescription drugs
In What Circumstances Can a Drug Conviction Be Appealed?
International Extradition: Fighting for Freedom
Attorney General, sworn in, President Trump, Jeff Sessions, Trump, Sessions, AG, DOJ, Department of Justice, Attorney General Sessions
Jeff Sessions Sworn In as Attorney General: A New Era
Wooden gavel and American dollars
Johnny Depp Allegations Lead to Money Laundering Investigations
career offender guideline, career offender, guideline, sentencing commission, united states sentencing commission, USSG, USSC, Beckles, Johnson, Welch, retroactive, vague, residual clause, armed career criminal
Johnson, Beckles, and Career Offenders: The Ongoing Saga of the Residual Clause
Armed Career Criminal, ACCA, Career Offender, guideline, retroactive, Welch, Johnson
June 25th is the Deadline for 2255 Petitions for the Armed Career Criminal Act Post-Johnson
USSC. Sentencing Commission., United States Sentencing Commission
Sentencing Commission Website Update
beckles, johnson, career offender, armed career criminal, acca, guidelines
Supreme Court Cuts Johnson Reach Short in Beckles
DNA, tool mark, fingerprint, hair, teeth mark, ballistics, forensic science
The White House Issues Forensics Report
third-party doctrine, cell site data, third party, 4th amendment, right to privacy, third party doctrine
Third-Party Doctrine: What is it and Why Does it Matter?
wiretap, Title 3, Title III, Phone tap, surveillance, drug investigation
U.S. Courts Release 2015 Wiretap Report
Welch, Johnson, Armed Career Criminal, ACCA, retroactive
U.S. Supreme Court Declares Johnson Retroactive as Applied to the Armed Career Criminal Act
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US v. Stewart: Newman's First Chink in the Armor
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What Does it Mean to Have “Constructive Possession” of a Firearm in New York?
Hundred Dollar Bills Hanging From a Clothesline on a Dark Background.
What to Do If You Are Facing a Money Laundering Investigation
Businesswoman Interviewing Male Candidate For Job
When Do I Have a Right to an Attorney?
The gavel of a judge in court
Young Adult Opportunity Program in the Southern District of New York